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BioBai Non-surgical hair replacement technique involves the strand-by-strand replacement of lost hair with new ones. This cosmetic procedure delivers promising results to both men and women. It is the easiest and simplest way of restoring hair as no surgery, pain or scarring is involved in it. The results are pretty undetectable and very natural natural-looking.
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Is it Worth Getting Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Undergo non-surgically hair replacement and obtain a head full of hair without any side-effects.
Hair replacement in Dubai is a permanent solution to the problem of excessive baldness and it delivers undetectable and 100% satisfactory results without harming one’s scalp. This safe, non-invasive cosmetic procedure performed at BioBai Hair Loss Center has obtained good response not only from clients but also from professionals as being the simplest method of restoring hair. Another good thing about these non-surgical hair systems is that they can be removed easily if you are not satisfied with the results so, it is totally worth it.
How the Procedure is Done?
The procedure of non-surgical Hair replacement simpler and quicker than surgical hair restoration and generally, it is completed in 2-3 hours. Prior to the procedure, donor human hair that exactly matches the client’s hair characteristics (color, texture, thickness) are found and arranged to place them on the scalp. After finding the right hair strands, they are attached to the scalp with the help of bonding adhesive. This is the most crucial step in the entire procedure and has to be done with great care and patience.

How Long do the Results last?

While the results of non-surgical hair replacement are outstanding, you can expect them to last for six to twelve months only. The durability of these systems depends on the type.

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Scalp micropigmentation Dubai (SMP) is a type of hair restoration treatment for those having experienced hair loss. This modern solution to hair loss, suitable for both men and women, replicates hair follicles by inserting small deposits of pigment on the scalp, offering the result of either a shaven look or a fuller head of hair. Other commonly referred to names for scalp Micropigmentation include  SMP, hair tattoo, medical tattoo, and scalp tattoo.


BioBai Scalp Micropigmentation Dubai / صبغ فروة الرأس المجهري دبي


Scalp micropigmentation is a great way for men & women to create a thicker, fuller-looking hairline and crown by creating the illusion of hair follicles and darkening areas that hair loss is starting to show up. Stop wasting money on those powders, sprays, and medications and start feeling free again. At Scalps, we have helped thousands of clients restore their hairlines and confidence, and we offer some of the most competitive pricing and financing options in the industry.



The shaved look is both trendy and timeless. This is the chosen look for most clients choosing this procedure because it allows practitioners to customize different hairlines for customers. An advantage over being razor-shaved or holding on to the long hair you already have is the relatively low maintenance or no irritation from shaving. At Scalps, our hairline restoration procedure uses our proven micropigmentation technique to replicate real hair follicles that are indistinguishable from the real thing.


Scalp Micropigmentation for Scar Camouflage Scalp Micropigmentation conceals the appearance of these scars or those from trauma or other surgeries by depositing tiny amounts of pigment to simulate follicles in the scar tissue to blend with the surrounding scalp and shaved follicles or longer hair.


We’ve all made mistakes. 7/10 people regret getting hair transplant surgery due to the undeniable scars they leave behind. We’ve been helping our clients reduce the appearance of their battle scars through Scalp micropigmentation by reducing or eliminating the appearance of scars without any surgery.

For men who are experiencing the effects of hair loss, there is a long list of topical lotions, cover-ups, drug-based solutions and surgeries available to solve the problem. However, until the development of scalp micropigmentation, there were no solutions that offered truly guaranteed results. At Scalps,  we are proud to offer SMP hair tattoo procedures for men who wish to correct the appearance of hair loss with safe, predictable and instantaneous results every time.


Hair restoration websites are dominated by images of men, but women have significant hair loss challenges as well—and an even greater stigma associated with it. Causes of female hair loss can range from short-term stresses, pregnancy, and certain medications to more permanent hormonal changes, vitamin deficiencies, and traction alopecia (hair loss due to pulling and tension from braids, weaves, and over-styling).

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